Minutes of inaugural Community Council Meeting held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday 29th October 2010 at 7 p.m.



                        Christine Dewar

                        Morag Douglas

                        Peter George

                        Tim Hailey

                        Heather Leuchars

                        Alex MacDonald                                                  

                        Gordon McGregor                                               

                        Sheila McGregor                                                 

                        John Russell

                        Bob Smith                                                            

                        Isabel Smith


1.      Cllr Edwards took the chair and invited nominations for Chair of the Community Council. Nominations were made in respect of Alex MacDonald and Bob Smith. A secret ballet was taken and Alex MacDonald was declared Chair.


2.      Cllr Edwards stood down and Alex MacDonald invited nominations for Vice Chair.  Bob Smith was nominated and elected unopposed.


3.      Nominations were invited for Secretary and Isabel Smith was elected unopposed.


4.      Nominations were invited for Treasurer and John Russell was elected unopposed.


5.      Nominations were invited for Minutes Secretary and Heather Leuchars was elected unopposed.


6.      Alex MacDonald gave a brief update on events since the previous Community Council had stood down. Funding had been found for Christmas lights. However, Fife Council had decided after inspection that new lights were required. For this year only, it was therefore agreed in discussion with the three local members of Fife Council that new lights would be purchased from the Locality Fund, whilst their erection and dismantling would be met from the Burntisland Common Good Fund.


7.       Bob Smith gave a brief update on progress with respect to the War Memorial. A funding application had now been made to Burntisland Development Trust, seeking approximately £60,000 towards the revised estimated cost of £120,000. BDT had asked for additional information in respect of maintenance, landowner’s consent, and letters of support. Cllr Edwards and others undertook to progress the relevant matters. Following a site meeting with Scott Clelland (Fife Council), Alex MacDonald, Sheila McGregor and Jim Murphy (QS), it was noted that Hurd Rolland would produce an alternative landscaping plan showing a possible layout if the trees were to be removed.


8.      It was agreed that the next meeting would be an ordinary business meeting, to be held on Friday 12th November at 7:00pm.