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This website is owned by me - Iain Sommerville, a resident of Burntisland. It was started as a personal hobby in the early months of 2000. At that time there wasn't a great deal of online information available about Burntisland, and I had some material which could be uploaded fairly quickly. The website has grown considerably since then. Many of the additions (including a lot of photos) have come from visitors, and I'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed.

In March 2010, I decided to make some improvements. The colour scheme was freshened up and the contents reorganised. The navigation was significantly improved by the introduction of javascript fly-out menus. A guestbook and a more powerful search engine were added, both in-house. I'm grateful to Ian Archibald for allowing me to use one of his photos as the basis of the banner at the top of each page (to see a larger version of the original photo, please click here - opens in a new window).

In November 2011, I made changes to the 'Recent Photos'. I removed the collection of 66 low resolution photos and in their place added 349 higher resolution photos, divided into nine categories. At the same time I added thumbnails to the 'Old Photos' page. In the same month, because of constraints on server capacity and bandwidth usage, the website was moved to a new hosting company.

The website also now includes a section which is the official web presence of Burntisland Heritage Trust. In addition, I try to keep the local links page comprehensive and up to date.

The website has always been, and will remain, non-commercial. However, as there are frequent searches of the website for accommodation, I've included links on the local links page to separate accommodation directories which include Burntisland.

I should add that I am a Trustee of Burntisland Heritage Trust. However, this website pre-dates my becoming a Trustee and continues as before - as an independent and broadly based project.

Addendum: in April 2017, I transferred some personal family history pages to a self contained corner of this website. They include information on the Japps of Dalgety Parish; Dr James Mitchell (1793-1869) of New South Wales; and James Lothian Mitchell (1863-1908) of Burntisland. They can be viewed by clicking here.

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