Collinswell Park

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The Alcan Chemicals (formerly British Aluminium) plant in Burntisland closed in 2002 after 85 years of production. Initially this was looked on as a major setback for the town. However, at the time of writing (October 2004), the opportunities presented by the closure are becoming clearer. It is widely accepted that a quality housing development on the Aberdour Road site will provide both environmental and economic advantages for Burntisland. There would be significant planning gains for the town, and local businesses would benefit from an influx of new customers. There is ample land in the docks area for any future industrial developments.

Demolition at Alcan
Demolition in progess, December 2003

Initially Alcan were in sole negotiation with a national volume housebuilder who planned a high density development on the site. In December 2003, a local company, Collinswell Land, published an alternative plan. Collinswell Land's plan received strong support in Burntisland, and Alcan responded by opening negotiations with Collinswell. The sale of the site to Collinswell was finalised at the end of December 2003. Alcan completed the clearing and decontamination of the site in September 2004, and handed it over to Collinswell. Aerial photographs of the site as at April 2004 (courtesy of Zander Williamson) can be seen by clicking here - opens in a new tab or window.

Collinswell Land have submitted a planning application for the site for a development of 275 large detached houses (4 or 5 bedrooms); between 45 and 50 luxury apartments; and between 12 and 14 town houses. The total number of dwellings proposed is therefore between 332 and 339. The plan shown below is a small scale version of the Collinswell plan as at April 2004, and gives a general impression of the proposed development.

 Alcan site plan
 Collinswell Land Ltd 2004

The detached houses will be built by the Stewart Milne Group (eastern area of the site, 100 homes); George Wimpey (central area, 100 homes); and Collinswell Land (western area, 75 homes).

The proposed apartments are also shown on the plan, in the north east corner, and the proposed town houses are at the east of the site.

As Collinswell Land own part of the Seamill and Red Pond area (the area south of the railway line), they are involved in the improvements being carried out there. For more information on the improvements, please click here and then select the 'Seamill & Castle Improvements' link.

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