David Danskin - Commemoration Plaque

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David Danskin Commemoration Plaque - Unveiled on 23 July 2007

The Arsenal Scotland Supporters' Club and Burntisland Heritage Trust commemorated David Danskin, the founder and first captain of Arsenal FC, at a ceremony on Monday 23 July 2007. A plaque (pictured left) was unveiled jointly by Bob Wilson, the television presenter and former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper, and Richard Wyatt, grandson of David Danskin. The plaque is located in the Kirkgate, Burntisland (at the corner with Somerville Street).

Please see below for information about and photos of the unveiling ceremony. For more information on David Danskin, please see the main David Danskin page.

It was a fine sunny Burntisland welcome for members of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters' Club, special guests Bob Wilson and Richard and Michelle Wyatt, and representatives of Arsenal FC, when they visited the town for the unveiling of the David Danskin plaque. Richard and Michelle had made a special trip from near Montreal, Canada, to pay tribute to Richard's grandfather, who had been born 144 years before in a tenement building close to the plaque location. The Deputy Provost of Fife, Trustees of Burntisland Heritage Trust, and representatives of local organisations were also present, as well as a fair number of interested Burntisland folk.

After the unveiling, there was an informal reception in Burntisland Burgh Chambers. At the reception, Bob Wilson presented Richard and Michelle Wyatt with a special souvenir portfolio; and Martin O'Donnell, on behalf of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters' Club, gave Bob Wilson a sizeable donation to the Willow Foundation, a charity founded by Bob and his wife Megs.

Mention must be made of Bob Wilson's personal charm and good humour - and tolerance when asked to autograph every conceivable type of object! He made the occasion a very special one for all who attended.

Unveiling ceremony

Above - Martin O'Donnell, Chairman of Arsenal Scotland Supporters' Club, kicks off the proceedings.

Unveiling ceremony

Above - Ian Archibald, Convener of Burntisland Heritage Trust, gives the historical background.

Unveiling ceremony

Above - Bob Wilson delivers the main speech of the day.

Unveiling ceremony

Above - Richard Wyatt and Bob Wilson remove the 'veil'.

Bob Wilson

Above - Bob Wilson is making the news, rather than presenting it!

Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club

Above - Members of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters' Club with Richard and Bob.

Presentation to Richard & Michelle Wyatt

Above - Bob Wilson presents a souvenir portfolio to Richard and Michelle Wyatt.


BBC London's news item on the ceremony (video)
(May no longer be available.)

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