Launch of 'Burntisland: A Social History'

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'Burntisland: A Social History' - coverIn July 2009, Burntisland Heritage Trust launched a new book on the history of the Royal Burgh of Burntisland in the Kingdom of Fife. Entitled 'Burntisland: A Social History', it tells the story of the people of the Royal Burgh of Burntisland from 1700 to the present day in a very readable form, and includes personal reminiscences.

'Burntisland: A Social History' has 212 pages and describes the major components of life in Burntisland over a period of three centuries. Its five chapters cover the churches; the schools and library; the economy, industries and employment; personalities (35 of the town's most interesting individuals and families); and personal reminiscences.

It contains 258 illustrations, 48 of which are in full colour. Most have never been published before, and some are from previously unseen family archives.

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Burntisland Heritage Trust are grateful to the organisations which gave grants to cover the printing costs. Burntisland Development Trust (on behalf of Alcan Inc) gave a grant of 4,410 which covered 90% of the printing costs. The balance was met by grants from Fife Council, ExxonMobil and Shell.

All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to further the work of Burntisland Heritage Trust.

The launch of 'Burntisland: A Social History'

'Burntisland: A Social History' was launched on 14 July 2009 with a touch of Edwardian style. Local businessman Davy Duncan (on the left) generously provided his horse Jimmy and the carriage. Seated is Mrs Willi Henderson, Heritage Trust volunteer, and on the right is author Iain Sommerville. Photo by Ian Archibald.

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