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Burntisland Heritage Trust - Publications For Sale
(Books and Booklets, DVDs, Christmas Cards)

The publications listed below are available from Burntisland Heritage Trust during exhibition hours. With the exception of the two 'Burntisland Fallen' booklets, they are also available from Spiritual Oasis, 113/115 High Street, Burntisland, KY3 9JU (tel 01592 872689) - either by visiting the shop or by telephone with a credit card.

All items may also be ordered by post direct from Burntisland Heritage Trust - please contact the Convener, Ian Archibald (telephone 01592 872121 or ) (or contact via webmaster).

In addition, 'Burntisland: A Social History' is available from Waterstones, 175 High Street, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1JA (tel 0843 290 8429).

Please click here for details of our Heritage Trails leaflet, which is available free of charge.

All proceeds from the sale of BHT publications are used to further the Trust’s work in protecting and promoting Burntisland's heritage. BHT is a registered charity.

'Burntisland: Port of Grace' cover

by Iain Sommerville (with Ian Archibald and Helen Mabon)
Published by BHT in 2004; reprinted with minor changes in 2012; reprinted in 2016

The book tells the story of the Royal Burgh of Burntisland to the Union of Parliaments in 1707. Based on James Speed's notes on the history of Burntisland, which were transcribed by Alexander Foster in 1869. The 16th and 17th centuries were a time of great turmoil in Scotland, particularly on the question of religion. This book gives the reader an understanding of what life was like during that period. 156 pages; 85 illustrations (37 in full colour); B5 format.

DVD cover


Compiled by Ian Archibald
Published by BHT in 2012


A new DVD based on the theme of the 2011 Burntisland Heritage Exhibition, complete with a musical soundtrack. Over 150 images are included, contrasting the present day town with old Burntisland. The locations of old black and white photographs have been rephotographed in colour from the same vantage point, and the DVD contains both the old and the new images. The final five minutes give a snapshot of Burntisland as it is today.

by Iain Sommerville
Published by BHT in 2009

Full details.

Burntisland Voices cover
Edited by Iain Sommerville
Published by BHT in 2005

A book containing the spoken memories of 25 local folk who were born during the years 1904 to 1939. Most of the oral history recordings on which the book is based were carried out in 2005. The book covers the period from approximately 1910 to 1970. It includes chapters on Recreation and Entertainment, Shopkeepers and Traders, the Second World War, the Binn Village, the Shipyard, and the Railway. 155 pages; 132 black and white illustrations; B5 format.

DVD cover
Compiled by Ian Archibald
Published by BHT in 2007

A short film featuring notable events from Burntisland’s rich and diverse history, including the sinking of King Charles I's ferry in 1633. (Originally published for VHS in 2001, and re-mastered as a DVD in 2007.)

Burntisland Fallen WW1 cover
by John Burnett
Published by BHT in 2007


This booklet lists the men of Burntisland who lost their lives as a result of the First World War and whose names appear on the Burntisland War Memorial. It links the names on the Memorial to personal information from census returns, newspaper articles, obituaries and historical military records. It also includes, inter alia, the history of the War Memorial itself, lists of medal winners, and information about men from Burntisland who served in overseas forces. 68 pages; A5 format.

Burntisland Fallen WW2 cover
by John Burnett
Published by BHT in 2005


This booklet provides details of all the 42 men who gave their lives in the Second World War and whose names are inscribed on Burntisland War Memorial. It also includes contemporary material from the local press - articles on the War Memorial itself, prisoners of war, escapees, the peace celebrations in Burntisland, and the Douglas Bader connection; plus two poems by local folk. 32 pages; A5 format.

Designed by Ian Archibald
Published by BHT in 2005
£1-00 for a pack of 6 cards

The Trust are now offering their own Christmas card. The photo on the front is ‘Burntisland Blizzard’ - a dramatic colour image of a snowstorm on Kinghorn Road, captured by local photographer Allan Hutchison. The photo was much admired when it was on display in the Trust’s 2005 summer exhibition. This is an ideal Christmas card of Burntisland for family and friends. Front - as illustrated. Back - BHT logo etc. Inside - 'Wishing you Peace and Joy at Xmas and Best Wishes for the New Year’. 15x10.5 cms approx.

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