Burntisland Episcopal School pupils (about 1955)

Gillian Macgregor, who supplied the photo, was able to name the following in the middle row: 4th from the left - Buddy Sinclair; 5th from the left - Derek Macgregor; 6th from the left - Kenny Macgregor (Gillian's Dad). Gillian thinks the teacher is Mr Ramage. Given the age of the pupils, this photo may be of a Burntisland Junior Secondary School secondary class, temporarily housed in the Episcopal School building. (Update: the photo displayed above is Gillian's original, but edited and improved by Eric Scotland, who commented "I took the liberty of touching this photo up. It brought back such memories. I remember the teacher, and also Derek and Kenny Macgregor who used to play their guitars and sing in the bus shelter at the bottom of Cromwell Road.")