Episcopal School 1956-57

Burntisland Episcopal School pupils, around 1955, from Susan Jarvis (née Webster). Mr Moyes and Miss Aitken are the teachers. Pamela and Susan Webster are sitting at the front, third and fourth from the left. Next to Susan is Shona Cameron. John Webster is in the second row from the back, fifth from the left, next to the boy with the checked jersey. Jim Brymer is sitting at the front on the extreme left, and Darrell Sweet is back row, extreme right. Other names which Susan remembers are Karen and Dorothy Henderson, Wilma Donovan, Edward Plant, Tom Murray, and Kenneth from Kinghorn.

David Barrand (formerly of St James Place, Kinghorn, now living in Australia) has sent some additional information. He dates the photo as 1956-57, which was his first year at school. David himself is the boy in the checked shirt, fourth to the left of Miss Aitken. His brother Kenneth (who sadly passed away in 1998) is standing next to Mr Moyes. His other brother, John (known as Jackie), is the boy in jacket and shorts on the left of the third row from the back.

The Episcopal School building (now demolished) was on the site bounded by Manse Lane, East Broomhill Road and the Palais Steps.