Notes by Melvin Barnes: I attach a photograph of the primary school section of the Burntisland (Pisky) Episcopal school. It was taken (I think) in 1952. I am in the second row from bottom (left). Next to me is Margaret Henderson. At the other end of the row is Eric Slater. I am not sure of the girls, but I think 5th girl from the left in that row may be a Dorothy Peterson. Top row L to R: Ronnie Davis; Leslie Henderson; John Alexander; Robert Barr; (name escapes me, but I think his dad ran a joinery business near the school); lastly Bill Paterson. Bottom row L to R: (name escapes me); Eddie Haig; Jack Barr; Francis Slater; (Eric?) Liddel. The Teacher is James Leslie Moyes. If you were slack at paying attention, Moysie would throw a piece of chalk at you, much to the delight of the class, who would, if the chalk scored a hit, shout 'coconut' - well at least that is how I remember it. If you place the photo on the Burntisland Website, I think you might find there are pupils that will remember the names that I can't recall.