Cromwell Road c1913

Notes by Keddie Law. Cromwell Road, c. 1913. Oliver Cromwell's occupation of Burntisland in the 1650s is celebrated in the town's Cromwell Road, which runs from the Porte to the East Toll roundabout. It was clearly a fashionable place to live for some people. In the 1950s two of the town's general practitioners, Drs Smith and McCracken, had their grand houses-cum-surgeries on this road, while the Church of Scotland manse was located nearer to the town centre. The manse is now Grayforth House Nursing home and houses occupy some of the grounds previously belonging to the manse. Centre right of the photo a grocer's shop is discernible, occupying part of a block of buildings between James Park Lane and Ferguson Place. This block was known formerly as Hampden Place. A second grocer's shop, owned by a Mrs Richardson in the 1950s, was nearby and could claim to be one of the smallest in the town - three customers and the shop was full!