View from the Binn

Notes by Keddie Law

A - Black Rock. A small igneous plug forms an island at high tide and can be reached on foot at low tide. The Black Rock is composed of the same dolerite rock which forms the hilly areas of the Lammerlaws, Craigkennochie and Black Jock's Hill.
B - Marshland. A very poorly-drained area for many years, comprising small trees and shrubs, with peripheral paths much loved by dog walkers and collectors of brambles.
C - Playing fields belonging to, but rarely used by, Burntisland Primary school. A very popular venue for youth football at the weekends and holidays. Both the marshland and the playing fields have been built on, with several of the street names deriving from prominent Burntisland figures, e.g. Rev Colin Macdonald of the Erskine U.F. Church and ex-Councillor Jack Duncanson.
D - Tennis courts (now built over).
E - Burntisland Archery Club occupied a site at the back of the bungalows when the housing area of Coltburndale was little more than grassy fields.
F - Lovers' Lane, linking North Greenmount Road with Kirkcaldy Road.
G - Greenmount Hotel, badly damaged by fire and never restored.
H - Widow's Land, being the area between the back road to Kinghorn and the Binn Hill, built on in the 1950s.