Primary School class, c1966

A Burntisland Primary School class, circa 1966. Photograph and the following information supplied by Charles Kilgour. Photograph taken in the playground at the back of east end building, Ferguson Place School. Back Row - Iain Shand, Ian Veale, Brian Paul, Harry Colville, William Wallace, James Buchan, William Henderson, Alasdair Elrick, Robert Birbeck, Charlie Kilgour, John Watson. Third Row - Lawrence Reekie, Richard Lock, Elaine Henness, Linda Meldrum, Kathleen Millar, Moira Simpson, Lynn Gillespie, Gwen Davies, Alec Given, David Keatings. Second Row - Sheena Simpson (?), Sheila Cunningham, Valerie Aitken, Susan Smith, Elizabeth McKenzie, Valerie McLaughlan, Judy White, Anne Callaghan, Dorothy Henderson, Wilma Easdale, Susan Harper, Carol Munro. Front Row - Norman Baynham, David Brand, Derek Malone, Peter Falls, Danny Morris, Tony Collins, Douglas Beveridge. In absentia - Brian MacDonald. Apologies to anyone whose name is spelled wrongly.