Notes by Richard Hollingworth:
       The location is the NE corner of the Lammerlaws Level Crossing, where Lammerlaws Road intersected with the Burntisland Yard. Being the 1920's, the picture is a little before my time, so I cannot give any names. I would guess though that the tall gent at the left might be the yard foreman. Next in line would be the pointsman, who operated the lever frame (known as a 'ground frame' in railway parlance) in the picture. He was also responsible for the level crossing gates and would work with the signalman at the mainline signal box to control the entry and exit of trains from the yard. The other two chaps are likely to be shunters. The bothy in the back ground was occupied by the wagon numbertakers (at least in the 1950-60's period) and the yard staff worked from a bothy to the right of the group but out of the picture.
       I used to haunt this location in the late 50's and early 60's and knew all the pointsmen. By this time, if not earlier, the job went to men who were not fully physically fit. Jimmy Grigor had lost a foot in a shunting accident. He kept the fine flower beds at the crossing. He was also responsible for getting me seriously interested in railways. A great guy. Another man Jimmy? Dewar had lost an arm. He was always immaculately turned out. Some of the levers were heavy to pull and he had to brace himself with a foot on the ground frame to pull these with his solitary arm. These were both Burntisland men, the third man was Kirkcaldy, David Hiddles by name. The pointsmen were withdrawn in about 1962/3 when the level crossing gates were replaced by lifting barriers operated from the Burntisland Junction box.