Staff of Robertson's Kirkton Stores
Notes by Les White: I attach a photograph [above] taken circa 1954\5. I started work with James Robertson & Son in his grocer shop at the Kirkton in Burntisland. I was aged 12 when I started to work for him, and happy times they were. In the picture left to right are James Robertson (The Boss), Peggy Waddell (Book Keeper), Mrs Leuchars (Delivery Driver), James Leuchars (Message Laddie), then me and lastly May Paton (Shop Assistant). I believe the picture was taken by one of the other assistants, Margaret Gemmell.
Comments by Stuart Alexander: Thanks for the photograph, it brought back many memories. I stopped working at Mr Robertson's grocery shop as a message delivery boy when I left school at the end of January 1951 to start an apprenticeship (5 years) as an Aircraft Electrical Fitter at the Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard, Donibristle. There was another delivery boy at that time called Page White. Peggy Waddell and May Paton were working there as well. And there was another young lady shop assistant, Margaret Gemmell. There was also a young man in his late teens who I think was an apprentice grocer. I can't remember his name [actually Jack Laing - see below]. From time to time, if we were very busy, Mr. Robertson would load baskets of groceries into his car (a Vauxhall saloon). Either Page or I would go with him to take the baskets from the car to the customer's door.
Comments by George Page White (born Somerville Street, Burntisland; now living in Cumbria): This photo brought back lots of memories for me also, I remember Stuart Alexander very well. The only people not mentioned were two young shop assistants, one was called Jack Laing, the other James Stuart - happy days! After leaving Robertson's, I spent five years in the Drawing Office at Burntisland Shipyard, then three years in the Royal Air Force (Air Traffic Control), followed by thirty-four years in the Drawing Office at Vickers Shipbuilders, Barrow- in-Furness, working mainly on nuclear submarines. I retired in 1991.