Seals on Inchkeith

Notes by Ron Morris: Grey seals began pupping regularly on Inchkeith in the year 2000 with several hundred pups now being born annually during the Autumn months. Both the harbour seal and grey seal are now fully protected under the Marine Scotland Act and it is a criminal offence to deliberately or recklessly disturb them at their colonies. Provision is made under the law to permit limited disturbance for scientific purposes such as gathering data. Fife Seal Group, working in conjunction with Sea Mammal Research Unit at St. Andrews University, make several visits to Inchkeith's seal colonies each year for the purposes of monitoring the seal populations. A local Burntisland walking group, the Binnend Wanderers, had the privilege of accompanying a member of Fife Seal Group during a monitoring exercise at the end of October 2013 and also were given a guided tour of the island and its old military buildings.

Photos by Ian Archibald, 31 October 2013.

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1 - Seal Colony 1.JPG
1 - Seal Colony 1
2 - Seal Colony 2.JPG
2 - Seal Colony 2
3 - Seal Colony 3.JPG
3 - Seal Colony 3
4 - Seal Colony 4.JPG
4 - Seal Colony 4
5 - Seals and pups 1.JPG
5 - Seals and pups 1
6 - Seals and pups 2.JPG
6 - Seals and pups 2
7 - Seal and pup.JPG
7 - Seal and pup
8 - Seal Pup 1.JPG
8 - Seal Pup 1
9 - Seal Pup 2.JPG
9 - Seal Pup 2

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