Recent Photographs

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Broadly, 'Recent Photos' (this page) are 1985 on, and 'Old Photos' are pre-1985.

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Community events and local people
1993 to date. 42 photos. Please also see below for other collections of photos of community events.

Links, Beach and Lammerlaws
1989 to date. 37 photos.

Local houses and farms
1993 to date. 19 photos.

Churches and Rossend Castle
1989 to date. 37 photos.

Harbour, Docks and Forth Place
1989 to date. 51 photos.

Other buildings
1989 to date. 55 photos.

Local streets etc
1989 to date. 64 photos.

Local views
1989 to date. 23 photos.

Miscellaneous photos
1993 to date. 21 photos.



46 striking local images by Jenny Dingwall (2015-16)

Burntisland Pipe Band Championship 2016

Fireworks display on the Links 2014 by Ian McCracken

Last day of the old Primary School 2014

Civic Week parade 2014

Queen's Baton relay 2014

Seals on Inchkeith

Remembrance Day Parade 2013

Floral Action Burntisland 2012

Christmas Market 2012

104 local photos by Ian Archibald 2006-2012

14 local aerial photos by Paul Young

18 views of Burntisland and district by Tommy Dunbar

Highland Games 2012 by Ian Archibald

Fireworks display on the Links 2011 by Ian McCracken

Civic Week Summer Queen and Parade 2010

Highland Games 2009 by Keddie Law

Highland Games Day 2008 by Keddie Law

Highland Games Day 2006

Highland Games parade 2005

Steam locomotive 45407 at Burntisland

Burntisland in 1968 and in 2004

Other recommended collections

The following two websites are highly recommended for their impressive collections of both recent and older photos of Burntisland:

Webpage by Iain Sommerville;
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