Shipwreck Search - Updates from July 2019

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This page contains updates from July 2019 onwards on the search for King Charles I's baggage ferry. The updates are arranged in reverse date order, with the latest at the top.
Please click here to see the full search timeline for the period 1997 to 2019.

Update - November 2020

Covid 19 has put a stop to the diving that was planned for November and probably for the rest of the year. Chris Lamb, the Dive Leader from the  Stirling Sub Aqua Club, has assured us that the team remain committed to getting a result.


Update - April 2020

The shipwreck project continues to frustrate with four dive trips cancelled due to a combination of bad weather and poor visibility. The good news is we now have a dedicated team of divers and support from Forth Logistics Marine Services, and the Stirling club divers are still very keen to get the wood sample this year. However, diving planned for April 2020 has had to be cancelled.


Update - July 2019

Diving with Stirling Sub Aqua Club and Forth Logistics Marine Services on 13 and 14 July 2019

After seeing Ian Archibald's presentation "The Search for the Lost Treasure of King Charles I", Stirling Sub Aqua Club's Chris Lamb offered the club’s support to assist with the diving. The Stirling club is a large branch of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club, the governing body for Scuba Diving in Scotland.

Five of the club’s most experienced members, Alistair McCulloch (Branch Diving Officer), Duncan Blyth (Training Officer), Stuart Cramb, Linda Milne and Greig Matula dived the Burntisland site on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July.

The team’s first task was to locate the seabed marker probe. This was identified on a previous dive as a suitable location for coring for a wood sample. The position correlates with the outline image of a buried wooden wreck which was produced using high resolution imaging spectrometry. The marker probe was successfully located on Saturday 13th July. The following dives on Sunday 14th July were however once again seriously hampered by very poor visibility (less than half a metre). No coring could be undertaken.

The team are very keen to try again and are hoping to return, weather permitting, in August.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Forth Logistics Marine Services whose jet boat ‘Wave Spirit’ skippered by Jim Tarvit provided invaluable assistance.

The ‘Wave Spirit’ comes into Burntisland Harbour to collect
the dive team.

‘Wave Spirit’ skipper Jim Tarvit.

Divers Stuart Cramb, Alistair McCulloch
and Duncan Blyth.

Buddy check with divers Duncan Blyth and
Linda Milne, with diver Greig Matula and
Chris Lamb in background.

Please click here to see the full search timeline for the period 1997 to 2019.

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