Burntisland Shipyard - Family Snapshots

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Photos with Tom Cunningham senior

Photo of two joiners by Bobby Mitchell

Photo of apprentices

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The late Tom Cunningham senior

We received these three photos (below) from Tom's son, also Tom. He said "I've attached three photos that you might want for your collection with our dad Tom (Tam) Cunningham in the Shipyard and [also] I think when he worked with Burntisland Engineering and Fabricators. My brother Paul is sure the names of the other guys in the Fabricators photos are correct."

Above - a group of Burntisland Shipyard employees with Tom Cunningham kneeling centre front. Please click on the photo to see an enhanced version (opens in a new tab or window).

Above - Tom Cunningham on the left with Mick Buckley at Burntisland Fabricators, May 1979.
Below - Tom Cunningham on the right with Danny Blackmore at Burntisland Fabricators, May 1979. 

Gilbert Reid (via Jimmy Stuart) has supplied the following information about the photo above left: "Front:- Tam Cunningham (Shop Steward) and myself (I think!). Middle:- Labourer (forgot name), the "Snatcher", Jimmy Duff (journeyman), Albert Andersen (the Norwegian), Paul Otremba (the "Hangman", Pipe Clipper). Back:- Jimmy Stuart, Ian Procter (the Prof) (I think!). Date:- around 1956/57."


Photo of two Shipyard joiners by the late Bobby Mitchell

The photo on the right was sent to us by Bobby's son in law, Chris Claydon. Chris told me "I came upon this photo when sorting out all the family photos from 6 Stenhouse Drive, where Isobel and Bobby Mitchell used to live. This was amongst others taken in 1962, I presume by my late father in law, Bobby.  Bobby was a joiner at the shipyard from the early fifties until it closed. I wonder if you put it on the website, whether or not someone can recognise these two guys."

John Hayes of Preston (formerly of Kirkcaldy) has provided some helpful information:
I think the young joiner on the right is called Robert (Bobby) Thompson. The other one may be called 'Eck' something. I worked at Burntisland Shipyard from 1964-1966 as an apprentice joiner and remember some of the employees .... but not 100% clearly due to time. My first 'Journeyman' joiner I was assigned to was called Dave something and he was the Union official. I remember my first day when I suddenly found myself on strike after a meeting on the park. Another apprentice was nicknamed 'Nick the Greek' but I've forgotten his real name. I only remember he lived in Kinghorn. Wullie Penman was my next 'Journeyman' and he lived in Burntisland. Another joiner was called Alan [actually Alastair, according to George Coull] Coulter and he also lived in Kinghorn. My stepdad was called Jack Masterton and lived in Burntisland. He was a pipefitter at the shipyard while I was there. If I can remember some more I will come back and add what I can. Keep up the good work on this site.


Photo of Shipyard apprentices

Gilbert Reid (via Jimmy Stuart) supplied the photo on the right. Gilbert's comments: "This photo is the one most of us have. Left to right - Stuart Carmichael, Jock Foulis, Lindsay Carstairs, Gilbert Reid, John 'Dai' Williams, Unknown (forgot name), George 'Dod' Brown, Peter Main (Journeyman), Sandy Peebles and Jock Sievright (Bonthrone). Photo taken around 1956/57."

Shipyard apprentices

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