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Burgh seal

In April 2020, Burntisland Heritage Trust launched its new YouTube channel. This allows us to give the public access to videos etc which are too large for the Trust's website.

The following items are now available for viewing free of charge: You can access the channel and select what you want to view by clicking here (link opens in a new tab or window); or you can go directly to one of the items by clicking on the link below.

Portrait of a Town or a ‘Wee Dauner Roond Aboot the Toun’
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Burntisland’s Inner Heritage Trail and Historic Walk has been a feature in the town during the summer months for more than four decades. The walk captures the history and character of the town from the 16th century to the present day. It starts and ends at the Burgh Chambers. This slideshow video is a snapshot of the town’s rich history and heritage.

The People and the Place
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In 2003 Burntisland Heritage were gifted a copy from ALCAN of the VHS video recording ‘The People and the Place’. With a cast of more than 30 employees this aptly named video was prepared by the people, for the people, at the time of the closure of the plant in 2002.

Albert Gunn's Story
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This is an interview from Burntisland Heritage Trust's Oral History Project. It features Burntisland born Albert Gunn who joined the RAF as an Air Gunner in 1943. That same year on the 29th December he failed to return from a raid to Berlin.

Burntisland 1883 Harbour Area
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This short video is inspired by the award winning model railway layout, Burntisland 1883. It introduces the harbour and railway complex in the late Victorian period.

Burntisland Burgh Chambers and the Andrew Young Paintings Collection
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This is a tour of the Burntisland Burgh Chambers which remain a relatively intact example of an early Scottish Town Hall. The Burgh Chambers also house a collection of 21 paintings by Andrew Young (1854-1925) who was a local artist, photographer and historian. These are all depicted in this slideshow video.

Kirkton Church Restoration Project
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In 2013 Burntisland Heritage Trust were concerned about the ongoing deterioration of the town's priceless medieval site, the Kirkton Church and churchyard. A project team was established with the principal long term aim was of saving the church from further decay and ultimate collapse. This is a brief overview of the project and how its aim to reopen the site to locals and visitors alike was achieved in Spring 2018.

Burntisland's Blessings 2001
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A short film featuring notable events from Burntisland’s rich and diverse history, including the sinking of King Charles I's ferry in 1633. Compiled by Ian Archibald. (Originally published for VHS in 2001, and as a DVD in 2007.)

Burntisland Now and Then
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Based on the theme of the 2011 Burntisland Heritage Exhibition, complete with a musical soundtrack. Over 150 images are included, contrasting the present day town with old Burntisland. The locations of old black and white photographs have been re-photographed in colour from the same vantage point, and both the old and the new images are shown. The final five minutes give a snapshot of Burntisland as it is today. Compiled by Ian Archibald.

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