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Front pageIn 1997 Burntisland Community Council decided to launch a community newspaper, and the 'Burgh Buzz' was born. The first issue was published in January 1998. The Burgh Buzz was the brainchild of Andy Wight-Boycott, a member of Burntisland Community Council. Andy himself served as Editor until February 2005, when he stood down in order to pursue other interests. His last issue was the February 2005 one.

It took some time for a new volunteer editorial team to be formed, and they published three issues in 2006, and an online issue in December 2008. There followed a period of inactivity, which ended when Bill Kirkhope took on the role of editor in late 2009. His first issue was published in April 2010.

Issues of the Burgh Buzz from 2006 on can be downloaded from the dedicated website at

Back numbers from April 2001 to February 2005 can be downloaded here using the links below. There are notes on downloading and opening the files at the foot of the page.

Issues 14 to 20 are in PDF format only. As the PDF files were becoming unmanageably large for those readers with dial-up connections, issues from number 21 are in 'Word for Windows' (DOC) format only. The DOC files are based on scanned black and white images of the pages, and are of reasonable quality. (Use of  DOC files simply allows the scanned images to be tied together for a single download. These files contain the scanned pages only, not editable or searchable text.)


File name and size
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Issue 29 - Winter (February) 2005

BB2-05.doc (2.5Mb)

Issue 28 - Autumn (November) 2004

BB11-04.doc (2.2Mb)

Issue 27 - Summer (July) 2004

BB7-04.doc (1.7Mb)

Issue 26 - Spring (April) 2004

BB4-04.doc (1.9Mb)

Issue 25 - Winter (January) 2004

BB1-04.doc (2.1Mb)

Issue 24 - Autumn (October) 2003

BB10-03.doc (1.9Mb)

Issue 23 - Summer (July) 2003

BB7-03.doc (1.9Mb)

Issue 22 - Spring (April) 2003

BB4-03.doc (1.9Mb)

Issue 21 - Winter (January) 2003

BB1-03.doc (2.2Mb)

Issue 20 - Autumn (October) 2002

BB10-02.pdf (4.6Mb)

Issue 19 - Summer (August) 2002

BB8-02.pdf (2.0Mb)

Issue 18 - Spring (April) 2002

BB4-02.pdf (4.0Mb)

Issue 17 - Winter (January) 2002

BB1-02.pdf (2.1Mb)

Issue 16 - Autumn (October) 2001

BB10-01.pdf (2.2Mb)

Issue 15 - Summer (July) 2001

BB7-01.pdf (2.7Mb)

Issue 14 - Spring (April) 2001

BB4-01.pdf (2.5Mb)

Notes on downloading and opening files

DOC files

You will need Word for Windows 97 or later to open the files.

PDF files

To open and read the PDF files, you need the free software, Adobe Reader (formerly Acrobat Reader). To download the software, please click on the logo -

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To download a Burgh Buzz PDF file, use one of these two methods:
(a) Right click on the link. Choose 'Save target as ...'. Save to your hard disk. Open the file with Acrobat Reader.
(b) Left click on the link. The file will open automatically in Acrobat Reader within a new browser window (although the window may be blank until the file has fully downloaded). When the file has opened, you can use the icons on the Acrobat Reader toolbar to save or print the file, or otherwise manipulate it.

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