Community Council - Reports of Meetings

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Forabout six years up to and including March 2005, I attended all Community Council meetings in my capacity as Burntisland Correspondent for the Fife Free Press (the weekly newspaper for the area). I prepared reports of the meetings for the paper, and the reports which I did for the period January 2001 to March 2005 appear on this web site. Other commitments meant that I was unable to continue doing this after March 2005.

From April 2005 the Community Council provided their own reports for the Fife Free Press. Those which they did in the period from April 2005 to September 2007 are included on this website. From October 2007, to avoid unnecessary duplication, these reports have no longer been added to the website. However, full details of Community Council meetings from October 2007 can be seen in the minutes of meetings.

Please note that the reports in this section are all informal reports, and do not represent the official Community Council view - that is recorded in the minutes of their meetings, which can be viewed in Burntisland Library and (from January 2007) here.

The reports are grouped by year. Please select the year in which you are interested:

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