Burntisland Primary School - Old and New

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Burntisland Primary School's old buildings in Ferguson Place, parts of which date from 1876, closed for the last time on 25 June 2014. The pupils and staff formed a human chain right round most of the buildings, giving them a "goodbye hug". The moment was recorded for posterity courtesy of BAM Construction, the firm which built the new primary School. They engaged Hawkeye Aerial Services to provide a photographic record. The two photos below are reproduced by kind permission of BAM Construction and Hawkeye Aerial Services.

Please click here for a brief history of Burntisland's schools, including what the future holds for the old Primary School buildings.

Old Primary School 1

Above - the old school campus.
Below - the old school towards the bottom of the photo, with the new school (to be occupied from August 2014) also shown.
Both photos BAM Construction Ltd and Hawkeye Aerial Sevices 2014.

Old Primary School 2
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