Some of the last ships built at Burntisland

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The two photographs below were kindly supplied by Chris Claydon. The top one is an aerial view of the shipyard, taken on 24 September 1968. The two ships on the stocks are: on the left, the 'Helen Miller'; and, on the right, the 'Christiane Bolten'. In the foreground, at the fitting out berth, is the 'Paul Schröder'. This photograph is reproduced with the permission of The Scotsman Publications Ltd. The bottom photograph, taken by Chris, shows the 'Paul Schröder' and the 'Christiane Bolten'. Just visible back left is the 'Ohrmazd' with her distinctive twin funnels, shortly before her long delayed delivery to her owners.

Aerisl view of the shipyard on 24 September 1968

The Ohrmazd, the Paul Schröder and the Christiane Bolten

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