Greenmount Photos

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Greenmount, Burntisland, was built by Robert Kirke, and was the family home until the death of Charlotte Kirke in 1931. It remained unoccupied for some time, and was eventually bought and converted to the Greenmount Hotel, a venue which still holds fond memories for local people. It also served as an emergency hospital in the Second World War.

In June 1987 the Greenmount Hotel was destroyed by fire. It lay empty and derelict until April 2014, when it was demolished. There was some controversy at the time, as the building had been listed (Category B) in August 1977 and there appeared to be no consent to the demolition. Fife Council carried out an investigation, which revealed that consent to demolish had been given in 1988. As minor demolition works had been carried out in the intervening period, the consent had been kept alive.

Photos of Greenmount are shown below.

Greenmount c1906. Burntisland Heritage Trust collection.

Greenmount c1980. Burntisland Heritage Trust collection (donated by the late Eddie Wilson).

The photos below were all taken by Iain Sommerville in July and August 2005.












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