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Starleyburn in 1914

 Notes by Charlie Kilgour, who was kind enough to supply the above image of a painting in his possession:

"My dad, who was born in 1909, lived in the cottage at Starleyburn when he was young. During WW1, a young man was seen at Starleyburn, and it was thought that he was a German spy observing the warships in the Forth. The police were called and it turned out that he was an art student from Edinburgh, who was painting the scenery. Afterwards, they all had a laugh about it and the student painted a picture of the cottage at Starleyburn. Unfortunately my dad in his old age put the picture on display in his living room where it became dirty from the coal fire. I think however that it is an interesting picture and you are welcome to put it up on your website. I wonder if the artist ever became famous?"

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