High Street Redevelopment (2006)

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A number of improvements, mainly to the High Street, are currently (October 2006) being carried out as part of the 'Burntisland & Kinghorn Townscape Heritage Initiative'. The project is being led by the Fife Historic Buildings Trust, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Fife Council. A major component is the reorganisation of the High Street's carriageway, pavements and parking areas. New street furniture is also being provided, and trees are being planted. Attempts are being made to achieve solutions to the long standing problems created by the burned-out shell of the Palace Cinema (1939) and the deteriorating Station House (1847).

The following plan shows the proposed changes to the High Street's carriageway, pavements and parking areas. The plan was supplied by Councillor Ron Edwards, who asks that readers bear in mind (1) that the works now come further up Kirkgate and Lothian Street than shown in the plan; and (2) that the street furniture and planting may vary from that shown in the plan.

To see the detail on the plan, you will have to open the large scale version (1.4Mb) - to do this, please click on the plan below. The large scale version will open in a new tab or window, and you will have to use the scroll bars to select the area you are interested in.

High Street plan

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