Some Recent Developments

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At the time of writing (September 2006), there are strong grounds for optimism about the future of Burntisland. The town has a beautiful location, and first class sea and rail facilities. It has adjusted remarkably well to the closure of the Alcan aluminium plant in 2002. At present there are more developments on the go than there have been for many years. The most significant is the building of around 350 new houses on the Alcan site, with associated leisure developments to the south and south-east of the site. These will result in a welcome boost to the town's population and to local businesses. The proposed Grange Park holiday village will also benefit the town, and will add modern facilities to the more traditional ones currently offered. Large sums have been committed for improvements to the town centre, and the work is well under way. The town's worst eyesores are gradually being replaced by smaller scale housing developments. It is only a matter of time before the potential of the East Dock area is realised. The future looks very promising.

The following links provide some information about selected developments as at 2006.

Palace Cinema

Site awaiting redevelopment. UPDATE: The developer's revised plans were approved (subject to conditions) by Fife Council in March 2009 - to view, visit Fife Council online planning, and enter the reference number "08/03012/CFULL".

High Street Redevelopment

A plan showing the changes being made to the layout of the High Street carriageway, pavements, and parking areas. UPDATE: work completed.

Collinswell Park

Information about the new housing on the Alcan site.

Seamill & Castle Improvements

A consultation document distributed in September 2006, outlining options (mainly for leisure projects) for the area to the south and south-east of the Alcan site. This link is to a PDF file - 2.1Mb - which will open in a new tab or window. If you need help with PDF files, please see the Burgh Buzz page.

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